Saturday, September 7, 2013

Heartbeat is NOW your Password!!!

Our heartbeats could be used instead of traditional passwords to unlock smartphones, tablets and cars using a new device being developed by Canadian company Bionym. Passwords scrawled on a scrap of paper are easily lost, jumbled letters and numbers are quickly forgotten and, with "password" still the most popular password, it's no wonder that identity theft has become a million-dollar enterprise. But now security experts may have hit upon a type of identification that can't be lost, forgotten, or stolen: your heart. With usernames and passwords fast becoming unreliable, companies are now turning towards our internal features as an authentication alternative. One of the new developments in this line of research is the Nymi wristband being developed by Canadian firm Bionym. The hi-tech gadget monitors the unique pattern of the wearer's heartbeat, which can be used to wirelessly unlock smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, and cars. It may even be used to pay for shopping, or act as a replacement for your credit card PIN number. <more>

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