Saturday, June 15, 2013

Certstation Knowledge Base launched

Certstation knowledge base provides state of the art information related to IT security that covers a broad spectrum which includes news, blogs, articles, malwares and whitepapers related to what is happening in the security arena. Besides more in-depth technical analysis in the form of security advisories not only from their vendors, but also from the top-notch security sources. It provides a platform for security professionals to look for security patches and apply them on timely basis. Patches are available for proprietary as well as open source applications. Our updated repositories provides a complete snapshot for professionals to stay ahead in the cyber world. So let’s start using Knowledge Base.

40 Fixes are on the way in June's Oracle Critical Patch

Oracle is planning to release a Critical Patch Update on Tuesday that affects multiple versions of Java, and it's another products. According to Oracle's security announcement, the patch addresses 40 different vulnerabilities. All update levels of Java SE 5, 6, and 7 are affected by the flaws, as are all versions of JavaFX. Of the 40 bugs, all but three are remotely exploitable over a network without the need for a username or password. Oracle ranks the severity of its flaws using the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS), and the top-ranked bug in this particular update rates a 10.0. <more>

OOPS!! another iPhone lockscreen bypass

Apple's iOS 7 brings a number of visual changes, but somehow the lock screen remains leaky. According to Forbes, the iOS7 lock screen can be bypassed thanks to one of the new features in the OS, the Control Center which can be accessed from any screen in iOS, brings shortcuts to four frequently-used apps. By opening up the Control Center, and launching the Calculator app and then launching the Camera app once again through the Control Center in the Calculator screen, anyone can access, delete, email and tweet the pictures in the Camera Roll. All this without having to enter the passcode on the lock screen. The vulnerability is discovered by Jose Rodriguez from Spain living in Tenerife sent the video showing how to bypass the lockscreen on Apple’s beta version of iOS 7 in just a few seconds.<more>