Thursday, March 12, 2015

Latest Google Chrome fixes 51 flaws

Google has released latest version of web browser Chrome 41.0.2272.76 fixing around 51 security flaws. Among these, 13 vulnerabilities are rated 'Critical' while 6 considered medium-severity vulnerabilities. Flaws related to out-of bounds write exists in media and skia filters whereas out-of bounds read exists in PDFium and vpxdecoder. Use-after-free flaws exist in v8 bindings, DOM, gif decoder, web databases and service workers. Similarly, type confusion error exists in v8 bindings and an integer overflow in the WebGL implementation. Google has made a lot of efforts to secure chrome browser by rewarding around $52,000 to various security researchers. Moreover, Google also announced last week that single-day Pwnium competition is changed into a year-round program. The reward has also been increased with no definite limit and the company calls it "infinity million." <more>

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