Saturday, July 12, 2014

Stealing password via Google Glass

A new computer vision attack could allow Google Glass wearers to steal passwords typed in on nearby tablet or smartphones - even if the attackers do not have a clear view of the screen, according to a report by CNN. The technique could allow attackers to crack 90% of passcodes from up to ten feet distance - and regardless of whether the screen is obscured by glare. The distance is even bigger if an attacker uses a hi-def camcorder - up to 150ft. "I think of this as a kind of alert about Google Glass, smartwatches, all these devices," says Dr Xinwen Fu of University of Massachusetts in Lowell. "If someone can take a video of you typing on the screen, you lose everything." Instead of "watching" the screen, the software developed by Dr tracks the user's finger in video recordings - tracking the fingertip's relative position to the screen. <more>

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