Saturday, February 8, 2014

Adobe releases critical 0-Day exploit patch for Flash

Adobe has released a patch for a critical flaw in its Flash Player, which is believed to have been actively exploited by hackers. The patch addresses a flaw prevalent in the Windows and Mac OS versions of Adobe Flash Player and earlier, and Adobe Flash Player and earlier in Linux. The vulnerability was originally discovered by Kaspersky Labs researchers on 3 February. The Kaspersky researchers warned that the vulnerability is being used by an advanced group of hackers to mount sophisticated attacks capable of bypassing most security tools. "During the past months we have been busy analysing yet another sophisticated cyber espionage operation, which has been going on at least since 2007, infecting victims in 27 countries. We deemed this operation 'The Mask'," read the research note. "The Mask is leveraging high-end exploits, an extremely sophisticated malware which includes a bootkit and rootkit, Mac and Linux versions and a customised attack against Kaspersky products. <more>

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