Monday, March 4, 2013

Latest Adobe Flash player released to rescue Firefox users

The last update of Flash Player was just two weeks ago and now it's being updated again - this time to block exploits that target the Firefox browser. The new advisory points to three fixes in the update, two involved in blocking the Firefox exploit and one correcting a generally applicable, serious flaw. The problems affect Flash Player on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, but do not appear to affect Flash on Android. In the month of February, Adobe released emergency updates to Flash Player, taking its version number, on Windows and Mac, up to 11.5.502.149. Then further patches were released on 12 February as part of the regularly scheduled Patch Tuesday, bringing the version number up to 11.6.602.168. In the latest update the version number rises to 11.6.602.171 for Windows and Mac OS X versions; the updates can be downloaded from Adobe. <<more>>

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